7 Days to go – How to survive the week before your wedding

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I was quite surprised when I Google searched “Wedding Planning Lists – one week to go” there are  hundreds of sites offering advice on what you should be doing but one in particular caught my eye – How to Survive the Week before your Wedding I loved the picture (below!)Organised and calming wedding photographer in Hampshire

There’s no argument that planning your big day is probably the biggest event you will ever organise in your life (unless you are a professional event organiser I guess!) and hundreds of sites, magazines and friends will have been there to give you advice to follow but I think the only things you should be worrying about the week before are:

1. Write a To Do list and make sure you allocate a reasonable number of actions a day, don’t overwhelm yourself and treat yourself to an early night once the To Do actions for the day are done!

2. Give your Venue a call with the final numbers and arrangements, your wedding co-ordinator will be used to stressed brides, let them reassure you all is going to be ok.

3. Give your wedding photographer a call to confirm your shoot list, let us know any people changes (maybe Great Aunt Matilda can make it from Australia after all and you would love a photo with her?), again, we are experienced with wedding days and will be there all day to help as well as photograph you, take our reassurances.

4. Call your bridesmaids, they are your support network and your closest friends, they will be willing to help out with the little things so don’t overload yourself.

5. Call your parents, your groom’s parents and make sure everyone knows what they are doing on your big day.

6. Enjoy… You are only going to get married once enjoy the planning, the final little ends to tie up and the excitement as it grows closer to your special day!

I wonder how Kate is feeling today? I would put money on her not being stressed!

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