9 Ways to Share Your Gorgeous Baby Photos this Christmas – Part Six & Seven

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Oh yes, two more fantastic ways to share your gorgeous Baby Photos this Christmas and today we’re showcasing products that you can share with EVERYONE!


We can design your PERSONALISED BABY CHRISTMAS CARDS but they tend to be really expensive as I stick with the professional print labs I use to make your prints by, the quality is absolutely fantastic but often price prohibitive. Why on earth am I telling you think? Because I still want you to share your gorgeous baby photos this christmas on christmas cards so why not choose one of our digital print bundles and design your own?!

There are lots of companies on the internet that offer this service and when you purchase digital images from your baby photo session they come with a digital release which allows you to use your images in any way you like (as long as you’re not selling them but who charges Granny for her christmas card huh?!)

Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 13.12.06I’ve copied this image from www.photobox.com – I have absolutely no idea of the quality of cards they produce but certainly the prices they charge seem very reasonable.

I’ve used personalised christmas cards (of Mash my mini dachshund) for the last 2 years (he’s due his christmas photo session this weekend!) and my friends and family absolutely LOVE receiving the personalised cards – so much so that there’s chatter this year wondering what we’re going to get up to for his christmas shoot this year!



As you’ve probably already read, I absolutely LOVE displaying images in the home and really encourage my fabulous clients to do the same but not everyone can afford 36″ canvas wall art or Fine art albums etc BUT, everyone can afford our gorgeous prints.

Priced at £35 for the popular 5″ x 7″, £45 for a 6″ x 9″ print and £55 for an 8″ x 12″ print you can truly make stunning wall art and desk frames from these prints yourself.

I am a massive fan of choosing a slightly smaller print and using a really striking mount around it before framing, it changes a print from a photo to art work and you can do the same!

Mash frames

I like to put my money where my mouth is so here’s an iPhone photo taken of Mash’s framed prints that sit above my mantelpiece!

For more information on our digital bundles and print prices please call or text Helen on 07866 440740


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