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This is our special place for Cherubs Professional Baby Photography – I am the only approved Cherubs Photographer in Romsey, Winchester, Stockbridge and Salisbury, running in partnership with Bounty UK – Britain’s largest pregnancy and parenting club, the cherubs baby photography club is now one of the biggest baby promotions programme in the UK. Managed by the Master Photographers’ Association, Cherubs Baby Photography is an amazing opportunity to get safe, professional baby photography at affordable prices.

B2B Web blurbWMG Web blurbThe first year of baby’s life whizzes by so quickly and before you know it that cute little bundle of joy will be tearing around the house, impossible to catch! There are so many huge changes that baby goes through in their first 12 months which is why we’re so passionate about offering great photo sessions, at affordable prices so you can capture and treasure all of these amazing moments before they’re gone forever.

For more information or to book your Cherubs Baby Photography Club Session please text or call Helen on 07866 440740 or email