B2BHeaderTwo amazing photo sessions, one when mum is 28-33 weeks pregnant and feeling fabulous! When you book you’ll receive our info pack which includes tips for preparing for your session (it’s easy don’t worry!), a map to the studio and price list should you wish to purchase any extra images.

On arrival at the studio we’ll chat through the sorts of images you’re looking for and choose your outfits. As a professional boudoir photographer too, if you’d like photos that are intimate and beautiful in your lingerie or fine art nude images that show of bump but nothing more, we’ll do a few of you in your outfits first to build your confidence and work up to the more intimate images. I’ll be showing you the images in camera at every step of the process so you can see how fabulous you are looking!

After your session you can come back and see your edited images and choose any extras you’d like or wait until after baby is born and see all the images together.

We ask that you add Helen Rushton Photography to your list of people to text once baby has arrived safely. We will already have pencilled in a  couple of dates 6 and 10 days after your due date but as I only ever book one newborn session a day it doesn’t matter if you’re early or late, we’ll find time for you to come in for your gorgeous new bundle of joy’s very first photo session.

Newborns are best photographed in the first ten days when they’re really sleepy and flexible, I never, ever put baby in a pose that they’re not comfortable with (and I’m afraid I won’t do the “froggy” or “potato sack” pose as I think baby’s photo session should be an opportunity for mum and dad to sit back and relax whilst I do all the hard work!) and we’ll take the time baby needs (usually 2-3 hours) to get those really cute swaddled and naked shots with all the blankets, props and hats you know and love!

After your images are edited you’ll come back to the studio and choose your free image from each session for your fine art folio and of course you’ll have the option to buy gifts for grandparents (and yourselves!!) if you wish but there is no obligation to do so.

Many of our Bumps to Babies mums come back for our watch me grow sessions, if that doesn’t tell you I’m doing something right I don’t know what will!

To join our Baby Photo Club and book your Bumps to Babies Photo session now click on the button below or  Call or Text Helen on 07866 440740. Please quote “CHERUBS” and the session you’d like to book when you call. – it’s never to early to book and as sessions are limited make sure you don’t miss this amazing opportunity at a fabulous price, only £49 for the two sessions AND fine art folio with your favourite image from each session.

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