WMG HeaderIf baby has already passed 6 weeks then you can join our Watch Me Grow Baby Photo Club! In the Watch Me Grow program you’ll receive THREE Photo sessions all for the fantastic price of only £49!

First Session

We usually schedule in the first session around 3-4 months old when baby has learnt to hold their head up when having precious tummy time and can sit with support. Sometimes baby has already worked out how to please mum and dad with a smile, but always we get a range of emotions on their cute faces and they love the cuddly range of blankets, props and hats we have for your baby to use.

Second Session

The second session is often held around 6-7 months when baby is pushing up on their arms and can sit without support. They’re much more animated now and we’ll be able to capture a range of emotions, lots of smiles whilst still retaining their newness to the world!

Third Session

A great session to bring along the rest of the family, just before their first birthday baby can often crawl (and I’ll spend lots of time chasing them around the studio!), they’ll play with toys and sit happily with mum and dad for some photos too! For a small extra fee we can include a Cake Smash at this session

The sessions are flexible and the above time lines are only a guide to capturing the main development stages your baby will go through. Spaces are limited sue to the amazing offer of only £49 for the three sessions AND fine art folio with your favourite image from each session. To book now either click the button below or Call or Text Helen on 07866 440740. Please quote “CHERUBS” and the session you’d like to book when you call.

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