Welcome to our amazing
Watch Me Grow Photo Experience
info page!

Hi, I’m Helen Rushton, your local Cherubs Baby Photographer! Cherubs are part of the Master Photographers’ Association working together with Bounty Parenting club to offer you the highest quality bumps to baby photography sessions where you can rest assured your are booking a fully qualified and experienced baby photographer!

In addition, I am also the 2017 Regional Under 5 Photographer of the year AND the 2017 Regional Newborn Photographer of the year!

I am passionate about offering mums and dads the opportunity for stunning photography in a relaxed and fun environment. Lucky enough to have been photographed throughout my life, I have literally hundreds and hundreds of photos of me through the years, something I will treasure forever and it is for this reason I am so passionate about our Watch Me Grown Photo experience!

These moments don’t last long and before you know if your teeny tiny baby will be lifting their head whilst enjoying tummy time, sitting on their own, standing and pulling themselves up and then walking, and that’s just in the first few months of their precious lives! Capture these moments with beautiful, fine art images you and your baby can treasure forever!

Our amazing Watch me Grow Milestone Moments Photo Club includes THREE photo sessions of your gorgeous bouncing baby in their first year!!

We usually take the first session when baby is 3-4 months old and had started to lift their head when on their tummy and can hold their head when supported sitting up. Expect lots of beautiful “ahhhhhhhh” images as baby looks around our wonderful baby friendly photo studio and if we’re really lucky, a fleeting smile!

The second session happens when baby is 6-7 months old. At this stage in their development, baby can often sit unaided and we’ll definitely be getting smiles from the little cuties!

The third session is taken when baby is 11-12 months old. They may be crawling or even walking but almost certainly your gorgeous bundle has started to stand up with support! Smiles are in abundance and this is the last opportunity for the semi naked baby shots before they turn from baby to child!

This amazing offer is only available at £49 for a limited number of places so don’t delay, click the contact me button below and I’ll be in touch! I can’t wait to welcome you and your baby to the studio to start their amazing Watch Me Grow Photo experience.

We took our 10 week old daughter to get her watch me grow pictures today. It was a very relaxed session as Helen was wonderful with our daughter and we thoroughly enjoyed it. We are so impressed with the pictures, definitely looking forward to the next session.
Janice & Maddy

Great experience and pictures, go see for yourself!
Gary & Harlen