Choosing a florist for your Wedding flowers

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  • Choosing a Florist for your Wedding Flowers

Choosing a florist for your Wedding flowers

 “Professionals never guess – they make it their business to know their business”  – Michelle Moore

When choosing a florist for your Wedding flowers you need to feel confident in their abilities and not be afraid to ask certain basic questions, such as,

  1. Are they the recommended florist of any particular Wedding venues?
  2. Do they offer consultations and will the florist you consult be the person doing your flowers or will it be another member of the team?
  3. How many other Weddings will they be doing on the same day?
  4. What ideas can they provide for helping you to work within your budget and theme?
  5. What will be delivered, where and what time?
  6. Will they move arrangements from the Church to the Reception Venue after the ceremony?
  7. Will they collect any hired vases after the Wedding or will you need to organise to have them returned?

I am a florist and love creating beautiful arrangements with fresh, seasonal flowers and foliage.

For a May bride I would suggest using Ranunculus, Alchemilla and Mathiola, you may be lucky and catch the last of the Lilly of the Valley and delicate Muscari but you would be fighting a loosing battle if you wanted Cymbidium Orchids, Euphorbia or Stephanotis in your bouquet.

Most flowers are available year round but if it is not the right season for them the flowers will either have been forced forward or held back in their growth cycle – making them expensive, small and short lived. You need to work with nature and not against it to get the very best from your flowers, if you must have Peonies make sure your Wedding is in June when they will be at their very best. Nothing beats the scent and beauty of a flower that is used at the height of its growing season when it is a joy to behold.

Choose your florist with care, your bouquet will be in most of your photos – you want it to compliment your dress not upstage it.

Your table centres will be the focal point for every guest during the reception, do you really want them to be criticised for wilting foliage or moved because they overpowered the table and any conversation.

Is your florist open to new ideas and suggestions or are they simply offering you the same arrangements they have on their website and in their portfolio?

Does your florist like flowers?

Have they been to any new shows, exhibitions or attended any workshops?

Your Wedding day is likely to be one of, if not, the most important day of your life and I believe fresh flowers truly can enhance the atmosphere – they provide the backdrop for the Bride – the talking point at the table and the “Thank You” to all the people, mums, aunties, friends who worked so hard to make your vision a reality.

Choose your florist with care and book in advance as they get booked up!

Choosing a florist for your Wedding flowers

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