Ten Top Tips for choosing the right wedding photographer in hampshire

Choosing the right wedding photographer in Hampshire

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Choosing the right wedding photographer in Hampshire

Gosh how exciting, he popped the question and you said YES! You’ve found the perfect venue available for the date you wanted and now comes the hard bit – choosing the right wedding photographer in Hampshire!

There are so many “styles” of photography and sooooo many prices out there, where on earth do you begin? I thought I’d pop down ten things to consider when you are choosing the right wedding photographer in Hampshire, so here they are;

Ten Top Tips for choosing the right wedding photographer in hampshire

1. What’s your budget? Some people their big day is all about the dress or the cake or the flowers but most people want to remember their day forever after all the planning that goes into it so if you’re one of them, maybe your Wedding Photographer is going to be near the top of your budget planning, after the flowers have wilted and the cake eaten you’ll still have your wedding images to treasure forever so set yourself a price and start looking!

2. What “style” of photography are you looking for? Don’t get too bogged down in what people call it, just have a look at loads of wedding photographer websites and look at the images, can you imagine yourself in those shots? Do they provoke an emotion in you even though you don’t know the people? I once had a bride who told me my homepage made her cry – I *think* that was a compliment, it must have been as she booked me! Also read the words on the website, maybe not all of them but the home page and the about page as that leads us onto the next point…

3. Do I like this person? Sometimes you have to speak to or meet someone before you can make this decision and everyone is different in that regards BUT I can’t stress how important it is that you LIKE your wedding photographer! We spend so much time with you on your big day, getting ready with the bride, the portraits with the boys, your couple portraits and so on and so on that it’s really important that you can see yourself spending time with them! One of my biggest compliments was when a bride and groom wrote a testimonial for me saying that “It didn’t feel like a photographer following us round all day but a friend making sure we were having the best day of our lives”

4. Is distance an issue? For most photographers it isn’t, I travel up and down the country and abroad too (I love the variety of different locations, it keeps me fresh and challenged and I love discovering locations that have never been photographed before so make it completely your day your way!)

5. Don’t get bogged down in whether the photographer has photographed your venue before. As a natural light photographer I am going to visit your venue at the right time of day and right season before your wedding to ensure I know where the light is and when so I can plan the best locations for you to have your photos taken in. Any full time professional photographer will venue visit with you and when you choose the right one they will understand exactly what you want to achieve and be able to make recommendations to you.

Choosing the right wedding photographer in Hampshire

6. Contact your top three – Once you’ve had a good look around the internet, maybe taken some advice and recommendations from friends and family who have previously been married, contact your top three photographers – preferably by telephone – and have a chat through the details of your day, is there are natural and comfortable fit between what you are looking for and how the photographer works? Meet the photographer face to face if you can, it’s always great to see examples of their finished work in albums, picture frames etc and always better to get a feel for someone in person. Are they available for your date, if not change your date, no sorry – only joking! Maybe ask them who they would recommend, I know several photographers that work in a very similar way to me that I’ll recommend if I’m busy and vice versa – these recommendations are invaluable!

7. Establish what is included. Every photographer works slightly differently and offers different collections, as much as I try and keep things simple it’s hard to be everything to everyone so don’t be afraid to ask questions and dig down on the detail. I spend a lot of time, where possible, with my brides and grooms before the big day, on their free pre wedding shoot, venue visit, details meeting etc so that by the time their wedding day arrives you are comfortable with me and I have a much more detailed understanding of who you are and what you are looking for which allows me to fit in to your day and guide you through it without you even knowing!

8. Ask questions – any questions! I love it when my brides and grooms ask me anything that’s troubling them, after all this is my profession, I photograph weddings week in, week out and as a result I know a lot that can (and does!) happen on a wedding day! It is for this reason, as much as any, why it’s important to pay a full time professional photographer – we know when something is usually about to happen and are there ready to photograph it, we also have a back up plan if it’s raining, if great Auntie Mathilda forgets her shoes, if the groom can’t pin on his button hole, and on the list goes! Your wedding photographer, if they are good, will make your day run the way you’ve planned it along with your venue staff and all of the other professional wedding suppliers – we also know each other so if you’re stuck finding a florist or a band or a certain pair of shoes (especially shoes, please take me shoe shopping!!) then just ask me!

9. Make your decision and let the photographers know, even if you can’t pay the booking fee there and then as you’re waiting until your next paycheck, if people keep me in the loop I have a fighting chance of making sure I can accommodate them! I also am not offended at all when couples tell me they’ve chosen someone else, it’s just nice to be able to put the enquiry to bed and move on!

Ten Top Tips for choosing the right Wedding Photographer in Wiltshire

10. ENJOY YOUR DAY! I will have planned your timings with you, spoken to your minister, visited the venue, checked out all the locations, have a list of your group shots (not too many but that’s a whole new blog!) and be there nice and early to greet you! It’s exciting, trust me to record it as we’ve discussed so you can relax, have fun and enjoy the dream day exactly the way you planned it!

I really hope the ten points above help and if you are looking for your perfect wedding photographer why not call me on 07866 440740 or 01722 328909 to see if I’m available for your big day… I only every shoot 20 weddings a year so I can give each and everyone one of my couples the time they deserve to make their day magical and one of those couples could be you!

Enjoy your journey…

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