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Congratulations to David & Nikki, married on HMS Warrior, Portsmouth – Friday 20th June 2012

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There are some locations and some people that are at the top of every Contemporary Wedding Photographer‘s list to work with and HMS Warrior is definitely near the top of the must photograph wedding venues for me and Nikki and David are exactly the type of people that I love working with. Their fun, relaxed and friendly outlook on life promised Friday as a special day for me and that’s exactly what we got!

Nikki was as cool as a cucumber whilst she got ready and David, well David was full of banter per usual but no one prepared me for Mike his best man, I’m saying nothing! After lots of fun shooting their getting ready and groom portraits we headed to HMS Warrior for a lovely ceremony and of course an absolutely stunning location to take photos of a newly married couple!

After heading back to the Royal Maritime Club for their wedding breakfast we popped out for some more photos with their gorgeous bridesmaids and a special mention to Caitlin for being such a little treasure all day and of course to Hope who travelled all the way from the States to be with Nikki on her big day.

David set me a challenge during the day to find out which 3 battles are commemorated by the 3 stripes on his uniform collar – despite asking many of the gents at the reception and even the lovely ladies emailing their other halves unable to attend due to being on board, we still didn’t get a definitive answer but I *think* it’s the battles of Traflgar, Nile and Baltic – if anyone can confirm or amend PLEASE post below so I don’t have any more sleepless nights!!

Meantime please enjoy my favourite shots from Nikki and David’s Wedding on board HMS Warrior

Wedding Photographer on HMS Warrior

Royal Navy Wedding Photographer

Wedding Photographer for HMS Warrior

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Contemporary Wedding Photography for unusual venues

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  1. The three white tapes were said to commemorate Nelson’s three great battles: the Nile, Copenhagen and Trafalgar.

  2. amazing pictures, thank you so much. you werent just our photographer your also our friend. so glad we took 2 years to find you.Please say thank you to Kevin to cant forget him. big hugs you were as important to our day as the guest xxxx

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