Creating Memories with Fine Art Baby Portraits

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Creating Memories with Fine Art Baby Portraits

I have to be one of the luckiest people alive, I have photos taken of me at every stage of my life. Be them professional photographs or taken my very keen amateur photographer dad, these images are so precious to me as many of them I was too young to even remember them being taken.

This first one I must have been about 6 months old judging from the pose (and if you can see close enough, the rather questionable nylon dress that would have been the baby fashion of the ahem! Mid 70s!)

Helen Baby

I love this photo, it makes me really happy that I’m lucky enough to have it and share it with you. This is my legacy when I’m gone and my enjoyment in looking through memories my parents have of me as a baby is second to none.

THIS is why I am so passionate about having professional baby photographs taken. It’s such a cliche but time passes to fast and your baby will change so much through the development stages a newborn, 3 month, 6 month and 12 month old baby goes through, these should be captured for you AND your baby to treasure forever.

Give the gift to your child now, even if you forgot to get it done at newborn (hey I’m a younger sister, the excitement of having a newborn was long gone for my mum and there are no photos of me at that age) book a baby photo session today and make sure you don’t miss out on Creating memories with Fine Art Baby Portraits to give your child when they’re old enough to appreciate them!

To book your Fine Art Baby Portrait shoot or for more information call or text me on 07866 440740.

PS – it’s not a recent thing popping babies in buckets to look cute! This is me 42 years ago!

Helen 004001

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