Two Wedding Photographers

Do you need Two Wedding Photographers on your Wedding Day?

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I like to be unobtrusive when I shoot – after all it’s YOUR big day and not me on show, so whilst I work with two wedding photographers on larger weddings, I firmly believe that 2 photographers aren’t necessary in most circumstances and as I usually work alone I wanted to answer a few questions I have been asked in the past with regards to this.

Two Wedding Photographers

1. We want coverage of the groom getting ready as well as the bride

I can completely understand these feelings, however if you are both getting ready in the same venue it’s easy enough for a photographer to pop between the two rooms – after all you probably don’t want photos of the groom putting on his socks or in his boxers! There are always slower points in the process of bride getting ready, (when you’re having your foundation put on for example, not the most exciting of images especially as you’ll be feeling a little “naked” in the face department at this stage!) which allows me to pop off to meet the boys – it’s all just down to timing and working with Helen Rushton Photography we’ll ensure that we all know what’s going on when after our schedule meet up!


2. We want loads of candid shots of our guests enjoying themselves

Absolutely you do, this is the day you’ve been planning for years and you want to know everyone is having a good time. Because I am very informal when shooting the formal group shots your guests relax with me and allow me in to their circles to take the great candid shots every bride wants. Hell, I’ve even been known to show a guest how to use their camera so they can take more flattering photos of you too! Being a skilled professional, I wait for the smiles and can anticipate moments before they happen so your candid images are fabulous!

Of course, if you are having over 120 guests I do recommend two wedding photographers and have a small circle of PROFESSIONAL SECOND SHOOTERS I work with. Why have I highlighted PROFESSIONAL? Because I pay my shooters the same as I charge you so you are getting someone worth their fee rather than including a second shooter within my price and only being able to pay someone inexperienced or on work experience! My second shooters also shoot in the same style as me when we work together so your images are seamless.

Second Wedding Photographer

3. We want photos from the front and back of the ceremony.

There is virtually always an opportunity for me to move from the front of your ceremony to the back without being noticed. Maybe during a hymn or a reading. I’ll be at the front most of the time so I can capture your emotions however a quick pop down the back to get a long shot of you in your dress or the suit tails is possible in most venues but it’s really only one shot you want from the back so no need for two wedding photographers.

Two Wedding Photographers © Helen Rushton Photography-7670

4. With 1 photographer will I need to get into my dress early?

Yes you will or at least you will with me as your photographer! However there are a number of reasons I do this – mainly because if something goes wrong with the dress (troubles lacing the corset, make up stain from your chief bridesmaid as she leans in to do up your buttons) there is then plenty of time to sort out any issues without you getting stressed or upset. After your are in your dress I can shoot your portraits and your bridesmaids portraits leaving you time alone with your dad or bridesmaids to relax, take a breath and have a glass of bubbly!

As soon as I’ve done your portraits, I’ll shoot off to meet the boys where I will photograph them putting on their cufflinks, jackets, button holes etc (ie “getting ready”) before moving on to their portraits. Still not convinced that you don’t need two wedding photographers?


5. It’s all about YOU!

It’s your wedding day and I want the attention to be ON YOU rather than me or two wedding photographers. By working smart and developing a relationship with you both on the run up to your big day I ensure I can capture every part of your wedding day story from bride getting ready through to first dance with just me!


If you’re not convinced, book an appointment to come and see my amazing wedding albums which will show you exactly that! Happy people having the best day of their life captured from start to finish by me! You can contact me on 07866 440740 or


There are so many amazing wedding photographers out there and so many of us work in different ways from style of photography to how we organize our days to give you the best memories possible. Hopefully this little blog has given you food for thought and helped you make the decision that two wedding photographers don’t necessarily mean better wedding photograph memories.

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