Fine Art Studio Session

Don't forget on the run up to your session to spend several days reminding your dog by rewarding them with treats what sit / stay / down / stand are! If you can walk at least 5 m from them with them staying in the same place!

Have a walk around outside the studio so your dog can relieve themselves and don't be worried if you hear barking from Mash when you approach the studio, he'll be crated and out of the way so your dog has no distractions

Fun & Frolics Session

Before your session have a quick walk around the location to check that you're happy with where we are and that your dog is safe to be let off the lead. Remind them what "come" means and if you can "stay" whilst you walk away from them!

Bring some water if it's hot and depending on what motivates your dog bring their favourite treats and or toys (but don't let them see them!)

How to find us (if you're coming to the studio)
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