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There’s no disguising the fact that even though going abroad to have your wedding may be a cheaper option in some cases, it’s definitely not for the feint hearted as the organisation can be a lot more involved than planning a wedding near home, just ask any of your friends who have organised a wedding in the next county let alone a different country!

Destination Wedding Photography Switzerland© Helen Rushton Photography

A few things to consider before you start your search –

  1. Do you have a list of non-negotiable guests you’d like to share your special day with you? Are there any travel restrictions or personal circumstances for anyone on that list that you have to consider? (Maybe grandma can’t walk up very well unaided and you’ve always dreamed of getting married in the middle of the rainforest?). Before you start on your search check with those people that you really, really, need to be at your wedding on whether they can afford the time off work and whether they have a budget they have to stick within. Are there any date restrictions that you have to work around?
  2. What style wedding are you looking for? Beach? Historic location? Hand gliding over the Cuban coast? List down your dream day and tailor your search around your list of must haves.
  3. Before you go any further confirm your wedding budget – it’s very easy to find a stunning location, fall in love with the idea of aving your wedding there and then find out you can’t afford it. Be realistic and set your absolute maximum overall budget – you may find you have to spend more on one aspect of you wedding that another so you can be flexible within the budget but don’t be tempted to step over the maximum figure you’ve set.

It’s not all doom and gloom, I recently acted as a second shooter for a friend of mine whose couple got married in Sorrento in Italy, they had over 90 guests travel out from the UK and Dubai to spend their special day with them! An accessible location with affordable accommodation plus amazing organisation by the bride, meant everyone had a wonderful few days away and the bride and groom had an amazing wedding celebration surrounded by their families and friends that meant the world to them!

Destination Wedding Photography Sorrento© Helen Rushton Photography copy

So why is a Wedding Photographer writing a blog about Destination Weddings? Well, I am constantly surprised by the number of enquiries I have from Brides and Grooms who have booked their destination wedding in an incredibly beautiful location who have next to nothing left in their budget for a professional photographer!! Why would you do that?!

As a result I wanted to write something that will hopefully help all you fabulous destination wedding brides and grooms plan your wedding knowing you’ll have amazing photographs of the day to treasure forever! Now I’ve not shot lots and lots of destination wedding yet but here’s a checklist of things to consider about your Destination Wedding Photography;

  1. Have a look at the images your wedding venue is showing – do they capture the essence, the emotion and memories of what you are looking for from your special day or could your uncle have done a similar job with his “very expensive” camera?!
  2. What style photography do the local professional photographers adopt? European photographers in the main are still shooting in a very formal, traditional type style that many UK brides and grooms are stepping away from whereas there are incredible photographers in Australia and the USA (have I just turned away a lot of possible enquiries I wonder?!) who have an amazing natural style of photography and UNDERSTAND the local conditions.
  3. Can you communicate well with the local photographers or is language a barrier? So much work goes into developing a relationship with my Destination Brides and Grooms (actually with ALL my brides and grooms!) BEFORE THE BIG DAY so I know exactly what they want, the feel of what they are looking for and they have the confidence they can ask me anything!
  4. How much are the local photographers charging? I have found that in some cases I am the same price or less (and that’s including all day wedding coverage, flights and accommodation and minimum day travel rate) as the local photographers AND because I am local to you at home we can develop a relationship before the big day, I can help with timings andscheduling to make sure you day runs smoothly AND you don’t have far to travel to see your images after they have been edited!
  5. What exactly is included in the price of the Destination Wedding Photography? Many hotels include a photographer for a short time but that doesn’t include the getting ready, natural and relaxed fine art portraits of the bride and groom in the local area, group shots etc and are very formulaic – you’re spending a lot of time and money on making your day special and surely you want your photographs to reflect that so you can treasure your day forever.
  6. Schedule in time to meet your photographer the day before your wedding at the venue so you can walk around together, in the same light and decide where you would like your photos done. Most of us will travel out the day before so we can do this with you so your day runs smoothly and everyone is happy knowing exactly what will happen.

Destination Wedding Photography Italy © Helen Rushton Photography

Hopefully that’s helped a little but if you have more questions please don’t hesitate to pop them in the comment below or contact me directly on 07866 440740 or by email and I’d be delighted to discuss your Destination Wedding Photography plans with you personally in more detail.

Au revoir! Helen

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