Lifestyle Portraits for families and friends in Hampshire

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One of the best things about being a lifestyle portrait photographer is I tend to have my camera bag with me wherever I go as I travel around Hampshire, London, Surrey to meet and photograph families, couples and kids and last weekend was no exception when I met up with good friends of mine living in Twickenham and Richmond.

Lifestyle portraiture is all about capturing the moment and going with the flow to see and photograph what unfolds rather than posing families, kids or couples in un-natural situations.

 Abby, my God-daughter, wandered off to the middle of the park after finishing our picnic and decided to sit in the most glorious sunlight as the afternoon light slowly began to fade and off I went after her to chat and see what I could capture through the lens.

I think she’s absolutely gorgeous, but then I would, I’m her proud God-Mum!


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