Maternity Photo Shoot in Hampshire with Alec & Claire

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Maternity Photo Shoot in Hampshire with Alec & Claire

Whilst at times it may feel like your pregnancy is dragging on and on and on, in reality it’s such a fleeting moment and should be celebrated with a Maternity Photo Shoot in Hampshire! Best taking place between 32-34 weeks to ensure baby isn’t early and you miss out on celebrating this amazing time of your life with a Maternity Photo Shoot in Hampshire, Alec & Claire only just (by three days!) managed to get their stunning Maternity Photo Shoot in time! Happily we were already edited and ready to show when baby Tayla appeared, healthy & happy with mum looking as radiant as ever! (more about this in a blog post soon!

At Helen Rushton Photography I offer 2 types of Maternity Photo Shoot in Hampshire or “Bump Photo Shoots” to give this incredible experience it’s more popular name! If Dad wants to be involved I highly recommend we head out to a location you both love and capture the fun and natural feelings in the great outdoors. If it’s only mum looking for a Bump Photo Shoot then come on over to my stunning loft studio in Salisbury where we can get intimate & sexy shots of you whilst you bloom! Check out for a great example of a recent Studio Bump Shoot I did with the gorgeous Gemma.

I love making stunning wall art compilation frames from my Maternity Photo Shoots in Hampshire and rather than sharing a few of my favourite images from Claire & Alec’s Maternity Photo Shoot in Hampshire I thought I’d post up a quick collage of images that would look absolutely amazing together in one of my Large frames.

If you love the look of this Maternity Photo Shoot in Hampshire and love wall art, please give me a call on 01722 328909 or 07866 440740 to book your own Bump Photo Shoot…

Here it comes…

Maternity Photo Shoot and Bump Photo Shoots in Hampshire © Helen Rushton Photography


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