I am so excited to welcome you and your new baby to my studio, if you follow the advice following we’ll have a really nice and relaxed photo session of your beautiful new baby!

The most important thing is to have baby in a comfortable sleep and as you’ve probably already discovered, having a full tummy means baby is more likely to sleep so please, if you can, feed baby just before you leave for the studio and dress them in something that does not need to be taken off over their head! Front opening baby grows are best and if it’s cold outside lots of layers and blankets on top!

The session is completely governed by baby and I will never try and make your baby do something they are not comfortable doing, some times this means we can’t do some of the poses but I’m sure you will agree their safety is paramount!

The studio will be really warm when you arrive so a good idea to wear layers for mum & dad and if you want to be in some of the photos wear plain clothes, greys and blacks are great and stay away from patterns and logos so we’re not distracted from your beautiful newborn!

The sessions can last up to 3 hours but obviously the deeper sleep baby is in the more we can get done. If we can’t get baby into a deep sleep (they may be going through a growth spurt or cluster feeding or something similar) after one hour, we’ll either wrap baby and go for some awake photos and photos with mum and dad or we may re-arrange the appointment depending on which collection you have purchased.

There is lots of downtime for you parents so do feel free to bring a book or catch up on some sleep!

And we have to address the elephant in the room – a naked baby often means little accidents may happen! Please do not worry about this, if it happens it isn’t the first time I’ve had this and certainly won’t be the last! Just make sure you have lots of baby wipes and maybe a spare change of clothes!

If you have any questions at all please give me a call on 07866 440740 or email info@helenrushtonphotography.co.uk! See you soon!


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