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Upton Country Park Pre Wedding Photography Shoot with Ashlea & Dom

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I love Pre Wedding Photography Shoots, they’re such a great way to spend time with my awesome Wedding couples and get to know them a little better and none come more awesome than Ashlea & Dom! They’re such fun, relaxed people and I literally can’t wait for their wedding next year at the fabulous Elmers Court Hotel. SO why should you bother with a Pre Wedding Photography Shoot? Especially when so many professional photographers no longer include them in their photography collections  (I do, I can’t tell you how important I think they are – oh yes I can, read on!)

Meeting Dom & Ashlea at one of the Elmers Court Wedding fairs earlier this year we immediately hit it off, I loved Ashlea’s cool calm approach to their big day and Dom seems to have as silly a sense of humour as I do – fabulous! So if we hit it off so well why is the Pre Wedding Photography Shoot so important? Well all of us (ok not all but the very vast majority!) aren’t comfortable in front of the camera and let’s face it, your wedding photography is the most important photo shoot you will ever have, treasuring your memories for years to come… So I truly value the importance of a Pre Wedding Photography Shoot, it gives you the opportunity to get comfortable in front of the camera and this was so obvious as our shoot progressed. Regardless of how stunningly attractive you are (Ashlea!) it can still be really intimidating having someone stick a great big lens in front of your nose so we spend time getting to know each other, working out what poses you’re comfortable with and working together to make sure you are really happy with your images.

By doing our Pre Wedding Photography Shoot, whilst having a little fun, it’s also going to save you time on the big day. I am usually chosen and booked for my fine art couples’ portraits and whilst all my couples really value this, we want to take as little time as we can so you can enjoy your day with your guests so a really fine balance needs to be met.

So here are a few of my favourites from Dom and Ashlea’s Pre Wedding Photography Shoot, feel free to leave your comments, share on Facebook (please PLEASE don’t crop the watermarks if you’re going to print screen – they’re there to protect the images and Ashlea & Dom!) and generally let me know what you think!

Upton Country Park Wedding Photography HR © Helen Rushton PhotographyPre Wedding Photo ShootUPTON COUNTRY PARK Pre Wedding shoot©Helen Rushton PhotographyUPTON COUNTRY PARK Pre Wedding shoot with Ashlea & Dom©Helen Rushton PhotographyPre Wedding Photo ShootUPTON COUNTRY PARK Pre Wedding shoot In November©Helen Rushton PhotographyPre Wedding Photo Shoot

If you like what you see and are getting married or maybe just want to know more about this style of photo shoot for you and your family please contact me on 07866 440740 or 01794 516821. Thanks, Helen

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