Why YOU should have a Boudoir Photo Shoot in Salisbury!

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Why YOU should have a Boudoir Photo Shoot in Salisbury!

What me? Why should I have a boudoir shoot? I can’t, I’m too old / flabby / shy / busy… the list goes on and on but ladies, you’re never going to look this way again so why not treat yourself to a fabulous and fun Boudoir Photo Shoot in Salisbury TODAY and see your confidence grow with every single click of the shutter!

Boudoir by Helen Rushton is all about looking and feeling fabulous, we’re an all woman team and have a huge amount of experience photographing ladies of all shapes, sizes and ages! From a young mum to be who wanted to remember her body before the baby, through to a 50 year old lady who had complete breast reconstruction and wanted to celebrate the fact that she is still sexy and attractive and beyond! We believe that NO ONE should ever feel like they can’t bare all (or a little, it’s up to you how far you go on your Boudoir Photo Shoot in Salisbury).

I absolutely love watching ladies’ confidence grow through a boudoir shoot as they realise that yes! It IS them in the picture and yes! Your really do look that good! and no! No one is looking at your bum / boobs / legs / arms and criticising, they’re looking at you looking and feeling fabulous!

Don’t believe us? Here are a few of my favourite images from Debbie’s Boudoir session, looking and feeling fabulous is out stunning Boudoir Photography studio in Salisbury


For more information or to book your Boudoir Photo Shoot in Salisbury, call or text me (Helen) on 07866 440740 or email info@helenrushtonphotography.co.uk

See you soon sexy ladies!


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