winter wedding photography specialist

Many photographers shy away from Winter Wedding Photography, the weather can be challenging and the light is low and unpredictable. However, as a natural light, fine art wedding photographer I specialise in offering stunning and emotive wedding photography in the winter months (in fact between you and me, give me a crisp December Wedding day over a hot August date any time!)

I use the best Canon camera equipment which can handle a variety of low light conditions coupled with the very best Canon lenses. As a professional winter wedding photography specialist, I also have back up equipment so there’s little or no risk of being caught unawares if one of my cameras goes down in a thunder storm!

I initially trained as a landscape photographer which as you can imagine has given me a wide variety of experience in all weather conditions, whilst I won’t expect you to venture out into the elements (unless you want to!) you can be safe in the knowledge that I can handle whatever is thrown at us through your winter wedding!

Being a winter wedding photography specialist and understanding the best times for great portraits means I can help you plan your winter wedding to make the very best use of the light available giving you stunning and emotive images to treasure forever.

If you are planning your very own Winter Wedding and are looking for a professional and personal photographer you can trust, please give me a call on 07866 440740 or email

Here are a few of my favourite winter wedding Photographs…